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Who are we?

Polytechnic School, founded in 1907, is a K-12 independent private school home to over 850 students. With its campus on the corner of California Boulevard and Wilson Avenue across the street from CalTech, Poly is acclaimed for its rigorous academics, competitive sports, talented arts and diverse student body.

The Paw Print is the student-produced, award-winning newspaper that publishes 600 issues monthly, featuring the Poly community's most relevant news, sports, arts and student opinion. Issues range from 12-20 pages, in color and black and white.

How can I advertise?

Print advertisements can feature your business in between the lines, and inserts can highlight your company front and center. With the Paw Print and the Poly community as a whole, personally reach hundreds of families around the Pasadena area with your business. Rates start at just $40 an issue and with negotiable package plans.